The charity department of Idarah Falahudarain NO. IFD/04/2022 Vol. 01 Issue 01


The charity department of Idarah Falahudarain

“The institution that you trust”

Al-Mavineen, the charity department of Idarah Falahudarain, has assumed the shape of Bait-ulMaal at Baramulla. In the last 10 years, people have donated Rs. 10 Crore to Al-Mavineen and the money has been spent to empower the economically weak and the destitute. More than 650 families at Baramulla are being helped on monthly basis on humanitarian grounds irrespective of their color, creed, and religion. Al-Mavineen continues to provide economic support to the poor, ailing, destitute, needy, orphans, and widows. It empowers students from economically weak backgrounds by supporting their education. Women constitute a large chunk of our beneficiaries. We provide immediate relief to the people affected by natural disasters and calamities, like floods, drought, earthquakes, accidental fire, etc. Al-Mavineen is there to support charitable projects focusing on literacy, education, health care, social welfare, empowerment of people, and other social service initiatives. We look forward to establishing income-generating units to support the efforts for the improvement of economically weaker sections of the society. We aim at the liberation of people from poverty and the elevation of their standard of life. Together, we can make the change.


The pandemic and global recession caused over 1.4% of the world’s population to fall into extreme poverty. Covid-19 pushed 143 million people to poverty and 163 million people to extreme poverty in the world. At Baramulla town, Idarah Falahudarain had only 415 needy families to support in 2018-19 but Covid-19 and other factors increased this number by 60% making it 658


In the last 10 years, Al-Mavineen has collected more than 10 crore rupees from the people like you. The transparency, systematic mechanism, and accountability of Al-Mavineen have impressed people to donate more and more to it.

In 2021 – 22, you made a collective donation of Rs. 1.8 crore to Al-Mavineen. Al-Mavineen spent Rs. 1.77 crore till mid March 2022 to support more than 650 families for sustenance shelter, medical support etc.

Recent Fund raising campaign!

In the month of December 2021, Falahudarain launched a fund raising campaign to compensate the deficit amount needed to support over 650 beneficiary families. An approx. amount of Rs. 25 lac was generated during the campaign. By the generous support of people, we were able to manage the sum needed to help the needy throughout the winter season. Allah has blessed our donors with compassion and care and they respond to our call for donations as and when required.

Donation Box!

More than 100 donation boxes have been installed at several shops, healthcare center’s & Shopping Plazas in town Baramulla. People wholeheartedly drop money into the boxes and support the humanitarian aid. The donation boxes has enhanced our access to masses and connected us to every person of the society.

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