Dawat-o-Tableegh Public Relations and Outreach


IFD envisages a social reconstruction project with a pragmatic spirit which involves a paradigmatic shift in sum total attitudes, for which it has created a separate department of Public relations and outreach (Dawat o Tableeg).The department is structured in its approach and maintains autonomy in its projects. is Since its inception the department has conducted numerous outreach programs, thereby strengthening and deepening its roots within the town. Almost all the public outreach programmes of IFD are conducted through the office of public relations and outreach. Public outreach programs include regional conferences, separately for males and females, Seminars, workshops, Quran study-circles, corner meets, etc.

The department is also tasked to strengthen the membership of the organisation by reaching out to individuals in the most gracious ways . In order to make its public outreach programs more effective, department intends to enhance the pace of its activities by engaging into new capacity building programs while harnessing all the available resources at its disposal. The intellectual potential that remains untapped in the society, due to various reasons, are the uphill task that department is looking to accomplish in the near future.
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