Idarah Falah u Darain is strongly of this view that mosques aren’t mere places of worship for Muslims but their main centres of societal activities. That is why besides organising Daroos Qur’ans Idarah Falah U Darain runs Quranic darsgahs attached to Mosques. The working of these Quranic Darsgahs (Quranic Centres) is looked after by Shoba Maa’rif. Shoba Maa’rif is headed by a secretary duly appointed by President of Falah u Darain. Right now around nine such Quranic schools of the town are working under a centrally established syllabus and scheme of the Shoba Maa’rif. Shoba Maa’rif organises common universal exams for these Darsgahs annually on professional lines. Not only this Shoba Maa’rif also tries to organise various co curricular activities for the students studying in these Darsgahs, thereby making these centres attractive to our kids. Shoba Maa’rif also endeavours to establish Model Quranic Darsgahs which will connect technology with tradition thereby establishing a fine example of synthesis between tradition and modernity.

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