Shoba Taleem wa Tarbiyat Department of Personal Training


This department forms the core of IFD. Its main purpose is to organise the training classes for the associates of IFD according to its vision. The department deems a constant training of associates, as a cohesive personality development project, a prerequisite for the organisation’s capacity building

In sync with the constitution of IFD, this department primarily performs the following role

  • This department organizes regular training classes for the IFD associates.
  • It ensures the constant up gradation in the learning comprehension of IFD associates.
  • It ensures time-bound evaluation of the progress of members while the bottom-line focus remains on the creation of an efficient workforce.
  • It organizes special programs like lectures, workshops etc. for the intellectual development of the associates of the IFD.
  • It formulates the curriculum for course work while ensuring its optimum operationalisation.
The department has been uninterruptedly conducting an hour-long weekly class every Sunday for the last two decades. The conduct of this Sunday class, commonly called as “Tarbiya’h” class by IFD associates, without break, for last two decades is not only the reflection of IFD sustained struggle to create an environment conducive for the understanding of glorious Quran but also a primary factor to engage the youth of town Baramulla while enriching their abilities and channelizing their potential into the constructive and productive social intervention programs of IFD. The hour-long training class is a comprehensive engagement with the Quran and other important branches of knowledge. This department particularly works for the overall character building of the IFD associates. This department has made tremendous contributions in the growth of IFD and character building of its members. It continues to act like the heart of the body ensuring that all members are infused with appropriate energies required for strengthening the cause of IFD.